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    Morning Blossom by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

    I went on a bit of a neroli mission before I eventually settled on this one. I tried C&S Neroli, Penhaligonís Castile, SMN Zagara, Profumumís Neroli and PDNís Cologne Sologne, and Morning Blossom trumped them all. I think itís maybe the quality of the natural ingredients which really brings the fragrance to life -Ė almost in a 3-D way, as Iíve read Hirch Duckfinder commenting on La Via del Profumo fragrances in general Ė I can almost feel it wafting up from my skin, twisting and turning in the air in front of me. Morning Blossom is also quite aptly named, since longevity is around 4-5 hours, so if you apply it in the morning, itíll be gone by the afternoon.

    Overall, an absolutely outstanding citrus fragrance, which seems to demand a perfect summer day to accompany it.

    08th March, 2010

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