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    Sandalwood by Crabtree & Evelyn

    This newer version of C&E's Sandalwood gets an undeserved bad rap, and I don't know why. Their original Sandalwood used mysore sandalwood, which is the now-endangered type of Indian sandalwood, and which has an inherently rich, warm, exotic and complex smell, almost as if it were an accord of various exotic wood oils. I suspect this new version uses Australian sandalwood, which is good but is nowhere near as complex and rich as the stuff from India. By itself, Australian sandalwood to me smells like dry, expensive sawdust.

    If this newer Sandalwood uses Australian sandalwood, then C&E deserves a pat on the back, because this is a rich, exotic and complex fragrance. It smells like they did their best to replicate the smell of mysore sandalwood by adding other oils to the sandalwood oil. I think they succeeded. Though this doesn't smell quite as "creamy" as C&E's original mysore scent, it's pretty close. It's spicy, multifaceted and rich, unlike the new version of Santal Noble, which is clearly not mysore sandalwood and just smells like sawdust with fruit.

    I just don't understand the bad reviews. I have to think the negative reviews are from people who aren't sandalwood fans. This is a discreet and elegant fragrance, with excellent longevity. A winner all the way.

    MY RATING: 8/10

    19th July, 2010

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