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    Fendi Uomo by Fendi

    Spicy, rich, and heavy as lead, Fendi Uomo practically defines what a “powerhouse” scent is. It is certainly not for everyone. In fact, until I joined Basenotes and re-kindled my interest in heavy fragrances, I used to hate Fendi Uomo, despite having many strong fragrances in my wardrobe. I thought of it as a loud, tacky and outdated 1980s scent bomb.

    But, as I found with Quorum (a scent which I find shares many similarities to Fendi Uomo), it is good to spend time away from a fragrance before revisiting it, and the time away from Fendi did me some good. I just recently bought a bottle of this blind, and I’m glad I did, because this is one potent and dense fragrance, kind of like a refined Quorum. I won’t even try to describe how this scent progresses, I’ll leave that to more capable reviewers. What I will say is that Fendi Uomo seems to contain just about every spicy and heavy fragrance note and accord known to man: patchouli, cinnamon, leather, amber, vanilla, musk, sandalwood – perfumery’s heavy hitters. Fendi also has an overall dirty and animalic feel to it, which I enjoy a lot, though I don’t believe there are any animalic ingredients here. Despite its intense spiciness and weight, Fendi doesn’t have the crudeness and ballbusting machismo of a Quorum; most of its rough edges, which are right out in the open in Quorum, are smoothed out with the heavy amber and musk in the base. Fendi Uomo is heavy but relatively refined.

    I can understand why someone would hate this – it’s loud, extremely heavy and definitely lets you know that it’s a child of the 80s. Fans of strong scents, however, should find a lot to enjoy with Fendi Uomo.

    05th December, 2009

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