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    KL Homme by Lagerfeld

    I cannot overstate how great this is.

    KL Homme is a beautiful, smouldering, and mysterious oriental fragrance which exudes an amazing sense of warmth that is hard to adequately describe in words. I smell a lot of similarities to Habit Rouge in this, but without the bitterness or powderiness of Habit Rouge - this scent is unbelievably smooth. Whereas Habit Rouge is a refined, well-mannered aristocrat, KL Homme is a sly, restrained sexual animal on the prowl. It has a beautiful orange-tinged woody opening and middle accord, which morphs into an exotic, spicy vanillic drydown.

    Although I don't quite consider this a "powerhouse" - it's just too damn smooth and silky to qualify - it has very good longevity and radiance. If I were to describe the overall feel of this fragrance, I'd say it's heat. Sexual heat. Unlike many of the masculine scents from this era, KL Homme doesn't kill you with harsh spiciness - rather, it slowly entices you, drawing you in with its deep, rich, hazy warmth.

    Many thanks to AromiErotici for sending me a sample of this beauty.

    09th November, 2009

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