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    Parfum d'Habit by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

    I am amazed that a niche firm actually had the guts to release a scent this insanely masculine. This 1988 macho man fragrance now creates a dead three-way tie in my book for the most manly fragrance of all time, tied with Quorum and Mazzolari Lui. Kouros smells like Allure Homme by comparison.

    Where do I start? First of all, you'd better like leather if you expect to like this. Parfum d'Habit comes roaring out of the bottle from the get-go with a nasty, dark, oily, animalic leather note that will knock you on the ground and drag you into the street, Mussolini style. Going toe-to-toe with the leather is a behemoth dose of raw, gritty patchouli. There are a whole lot of other notes crammed into this as well, like sandalwood, but they're practically strangled by the beastly leather and patchouli.

    If I were to compare this to another fragrance, I'd say this: imagine Francesco Smalto PH crossed with Quorum and Drakkar Noir, with the volume cranked up to 11. It has crushing sillage and excellent longevity. "Aggressive" doesn't even begin to describe this scent.

    A great scent to wear in a “Fragrance-Free Zone” and make everyone cry.

    18th March, 2010

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