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    Magnetism for Men by Escada

    When I see the words "metallic", "modern" and "vanilla" used to describe what a fragrance smells like, I either yawn or run for the hills. Luckily I didn't read anything about Magnetism before I first sampled it years ago, because I would have skipped over this excellent woody oriental scent.

    Escada Magnetism smells like a very simple and linear scent to me: basically it's wood over vanilla. Doesn't exactly sound creative or innovative for a perfume. Also, both the woody notes and the vanilla smell rather synthetic to me. And yes, this does have a very "modern" and metallic overall feel, like something you'd expect only pretty boy college guys to wear when they're out partying and trying to pick up chicks.

    I, on the other hand, am 40, happily married, and have no interest in hanging out at nightclubs partying. Yet Escada Magnetism, for some weird reason, works for me. In fact, I actually considered it my signature scent for about a year after buying it, and I'm about half way through my second bottle.

    I think what makes Magnetism such a cool fragrance is how it can smell so SMOOTH, while also having a metallic and woody smell on top. There's a certain electricity to Magnetism that I find so appealing. It smells very modern and hip, but without smelling wimpy, trendy or smelling like every other designer clone juice. I also like it because it is an anomaly in my collection, which consists of almost all classic and powerhouse fragrances.

    Give Magnetism a try, even if it doesn't sound on paper like something you'd like. You might be pleasantly surprised. I sure was.

    01st June, 2010

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