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    Hummer by Hummer

    Surprisingly very nice scent! I don't like the opening blast of citrus and lavender because it's got a loud sport cologne freshness that I don't like and feel I'm too old to pull of wearing. I don't understand why lavender and citrus are not listed in the pyramid, because they're so obviously contained in this fragrance. Though it's not a powerhouse frag, don't spray this on too much or else you will smell totally obnoxious.

    After the citrus fades Hummer mellows out into a very nice sweet lavender scent with woody and mossy green notes blended in. In fact what I like most about Hummer is that it smells greener as it evolves over time, even though there are no green notes listed in the pyramid. I can smell the woody and spicy notes in the pyramid when the drydown arrives. The drydown is very good, and is the spiciest and best phase of the scent.

    This is not a particularly unique fragrance and it does have some of that generic sport fragrance vibe to it, but there's more substance in this than your average sports fragrance. Its spiciness in the drydown is what separates Hummer from the boring sports frags. Awesome heavy glass bottle!


    MY RATING: 7.5/10

    08th June, 2010 (Last Edited: 09th June, 2010)

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