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    Hoggar by Yves Rocher

    Hoggar is a reference masculine oriental fragrance for me, the kind I'd have someone smell if he wanted to know what an oriental fragrance smelled like. It's warm, spicy, woody and mildly sweet with its amber base, good to wear all year long because it's not a heavy or overly sweet scent. It's dry and transparent enough to wear in the heat of summer, but spicy and rich enough to warm your heart in the dead of winter. What I like most about Hoggar is its woodiness and a bit of an almondy smell underlying everything. I must respectfully disagree with foetidus' comment about Hoggar smelling synthetic; I find Hoggar to be very natural smelling, in large part because of how well balanced and blended this is.

    The only negative thing I can say about this is that it's not particularly inspired or unique, though I can't point to one single fragrance that it's similar to. Hoggar is simply an excellent oriental masculine that just smells great, with excellent all-day longevity and good sillage. It's not some raging powerhouse by any means, but rather a classy, tasteful and rich scent that represents excellent value for your dollar. Another really good release from Yves Rocher..

    MY RATING: 8/10

    19th May, 2010

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