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    Mustang by Mustang

    Whenever I review or pick out a scent to buy, originality is extremely important to me. But every once in a while I come across a frag that, although it's completely lacking in uniqueness, just smells so damn good I don't even care. Mustang is one of those perfumes.

    I can promise you that you've smelled a ton of other mainstream designer woody orientals that smell like a lot like Mustang - Canali Men, Arpege Pour Homme, Burberry London, Memoire d'Homme, and on and on. In fact, I might even go so far as to describe Mustang as uninspired. Mustang, however, simply NAILS the woody oriental thing so perfectly, that none of that even matters. Mustang simply smells awesome.

    It's basically a sweet, woody and leathery oriental that is so well balanced that it's impossible to resist. There is a ton of cedar in this, which is smoothed out by amber and a sweet tobacco accord, and I even detect a hint of iris in this, similar to the way it's used in Arpege Pour Homme.

    I don't agree at all with the comments saying Mustang smells like pipe tobacco. It doesn't. What I smell is what I call "perfume tobacco", which means it simply smells like an accord of non-tobacco ingredients trying to replicate the smell of tobacco. No matter, however. It smells great, no matter what the hell is in it.

    You can get this from discount retailers for dirt cheap, but it does NOT smell cheap at all. I have to think the only reason this is so inexpensive is because there are so many other fragrances that are similar to it, not because of the quality of its smell. This is high quality stuff, and is extremely masculine smelling to boot. I love this!

    01st June, 2010

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