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    Perry Ellis for Men (new) by Perry Ellis

    Like most perfume enthusiasts, I get tired of the same designer cliches you see in masculine fragrances. But every once in while, a designer, though not deviating from the norm, just nails it and produces something that can be enjoyed by even the biggest perfume snob.

    The new Perry Ellis For Men can be regarded as a conglomerate of numerous masculine cologne cliches - aquatic, fruity oriental, and woody-spicy - but it hits all of those buttons so well that the collective whole turns out to be very wearable and quite good. This is a sweet but light woody oriental with a subtle vibe or leather and booze that prevents this from being dull and androgynous, and makes this a pretty masculine smelling scent. There is also a very slight aquatic feel running oh so subtely under the surface of this scent, and it actually makes the fragrance even more complex and interesting. I hate aquatic notes, but it is used in a very restrained manner here, and it adds to the overall masculine vibe it has.

    Granted, the most hardcore niche fragrance snob will still turn his nose up at this (they are incurable), but I believe even jaded perfume enthusiasts will find something to enjoy here. It's not groundbreaking at all, but Perry Ellis have created a winner here.

    MY RATING: 7.5/10

    11th October, 2010

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