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    Straight to Heaven by By Kilian

    Straight to Heaven is loaded with lots and lots of patchouli, wood and sugary sweetness, all reeking of quality, plus an odd blast of spice that hit my nose about half an hour after application. It all adds up to a very sensual masculine fragrance (technically unisex, but I think this is more masculine than many male-marketed sweet scents) that gives the impression of a celestial being on the prowl, or at the least a very rich and sophisticated bad boy.

    After awhile the spicy notes fade out, leaving you with some nice and very natural-smelling sweet patchouli touched with musk. Longevity is adequate, but by the end of the day all that's left of this fragrance is a skin scent of sweet white musk. More lasting power would be nice, but I suppose that's one of the drawbacks of working with natural ingredients.

    I like Straight to Heaven and I'm glad I got a chance to sample it. Anyone who has a taste for sweet, high-quality masculine frags should definitely give it a go.

    02nd April, 2009

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