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    Castile by Penhaligon's

    Love at first smell. This frag is one of those once-in-a-couple-years scents that makes you pause like Indiana Jones did when he laid eyes on the golden idol statue in the cave. Oft compared to AdP Colonia (and its Assoluta sibling), this frag is even better, which is saying something since I absolutely love the AdP colognes and have worn them religiously for years.

    On my skin, this frag has staying power and transforms from a bright neroli opening into a mindblowingly pleasant musk. It's not a white musk or a dirty musk - its a refined and comforting, distinctive musk. But it is NOT musky. It is the kind of scent that makes you want to nestle your head and stuff your nose into your own neck. . . oh. to be a flamingo and be able to do such things!

    In addition to AdP Colonia's opening, the drydown actually reminds me of Dunhill Man (tonka bean 2004 frag) - not necessarily in scent, but in the emotion it gives - comfort, soothing, distinction.

    From opening through drydown this is both sophisticatedly noble and classy, yet liberating and invigorating. You're not the Crown Prince, with the weight of history and your country's future on your shoulders. Rather, you're his youngest sibling. All the aristocracy of your older sibling, but none of his responsibility. Go play, Young Man1 Fly planes and drive roadsters with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a flask! Ride horses without a saddle, holding onto nothing but the beast's man!!. Date whoever you want and then tell them "mother would never approve" when you inevitably get bored of their lack of complexity.

    You're a lucky SOB and you know it. You couldn't have it any better.Castiiiiiiile!

    08th April, 2009

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