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    Light Blue Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

    Despite the preponderance of negative reviews, I really enjoy this fragrance. Fresh citrus opening, yet very different than most other aquatics. Well-seasoned drydown; seems blended to appeal to a younger audience. I'm surprised this scent is so polarizing and garners so many negative reviews compared to an aquatic as bland as Cool Water, which has received a much more favorable ranking from basenotes reviewers. Just goes to show how subjective this whole business is, I suppose. I must also admit that Light Blue was the fragrance that launched my interest in collecting men's cologne, so perhaps my opinion is somewhat jaded by sentimentality. Notwithstanding, I love everything about the pyramid, and though the longevity is nothing special (seems to be a commonality among many D&G fragrances), I find myself coming back to this scent in my collection on a regular basis. Works well for me year 'round, and is especially good in summer, when I've learned to shelve many other spicy fougeres that simply become too dominant after an hour or two. A great example of primarily synthetic ingredients used to great advantage. Stop reading the reviews, go to Macy's, spray some on your wrist and make your own judgment.

    15th September, 2009

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