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    Moustache by Rochas

    Moustache is so lovable. It is bright, loud, varied, rustic, and it has such a pleasant I-don’t-care attitude. Its notes contradict each other and still seem to be made for each other. It has a strong, sharp complex citrus / pine / lavender opening that is brashly and classically old fashioned. I think that the lavender is the key to the accord – there’s just a ghost of a lavender there but enough to put a question into the citrus / pine accord. The middle blossoms out to a full classic herbal middle – strong on a geranium (always seemed to me to be more green than floral) that makes it a bit obsolete – a bit grandma. The carnation spices up the accord and I could swear there some rose and jasmine way in the background: This middle has a real gender identity problem. The base doesn’t work for me because my skin gobbles up the notes without giving them half a chance. I get moss and a little undetermined sweet and not much else, and what little I do get is gone in a flash – the whole fragrance lasts 45 minutes. In all, this fragrance is, as the esteemed nead_ nitram says, “…effete, weird, decadent, distinguished…” It’s a charming oddity that, in a way, does smell like grandma did, bless her soul.

    25th May, 2006 (Last Edited: 08th April, 2008)

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