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    No. 89 by Floris

    It opens with a sharp, rather aggressive citrus note, not a really a disagreeable note, but not especially attractive. I wonder why this particular citrus accord was chosen; perhaps to cover up the overt floral aggressiveness of the middle notes. I really donít know what to make of what is happening with the top and middle. There are supposed to be rose and orris as the florals, but I have a difficult time determining the rose in this scent. The orris, however, is definitely there; it takes prominence but not in its usual way. I think the normal powdery aspect of orris has been reduced and the orris takes a strong white floral noteóat any rate, to my nose, itís a non-rose floral. Robyogiís funeral home image is an especially appropriate one for this scent, particularly in the long lasting middle notes. To my nose it certainly does have that funeral parlor tang before it settles down to a much more subtle floral middle level and wood drydown. The base is well done, if a bit too soft, but I canít find anything very endearing about it.

    18th January, 2007

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