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    Sa Majesté la Rose by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Well... I was given a sample of Sa Majeste t'other day. After more than 20 years (yes!) I've just used up my 55ml spray bottle of Shiseido Rosarium EdP (y'all know the connection), which I'd kept always stored away from sunlight in a cool cupboard. Amazing longevity. The bottle is still resplendent with the fragrance: very powerful, almost overwhelming-green top notes and then the lush, rain-drenched red rose (tea and bourbon roses melded, to my mind) slowly settling into a spicy-rose dry-down. Lovely, when I'm in the mood for smelling sensually rosy. Long story short, Sa Maj is pretty much Rosarium, perhaps not as fabulously diverse or intense in its notes, but recognisably the same. I'd love another bottle of Rosarium though - it seems better. Perhaps I'm just being scentimental. After all, a fragrance that's been in your life that long is like favorite poetry or music, a kind of counterpoint and/or commentary on both the spirit and the body of your existence.

    04th April, 2009

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