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    Anas Anas by Cacharel

    I had to have this fragrance after I found out it was named for Anais Nin. I'm a huge fan, so I knew the perfume had to be great to live up to the name. After so many years, I still love it and I still have to wear it every now and then. It reminds of me of reading "Delta of Venus" the first time in my teens. It's like wearing amethyst lavender-colored velvet on my skin. It's the Mona Lisa's smile. It's not that innocent; there's a definite sweetness at first, but if you look closely into her eyes you'll see that spicyness, that latent heat just ready to be released. It's like Paris in the 1930s in the springtime in a hidden speakeasy jazz club, and I'm just itching to do the jitterbug, but I won't just get up and dance because I want to appear ladylike, but after a few drinks I probably will anyway and then you'll find out that I've got on black fishnets under my gown......

    My best friend moved away and when she recently visited, she went into my bathroom and saw all my perfume and she said to me, "I love you most because you are the kind of woman who still loves Anais Anais. It's a classic that no one ever really appreciates anymore except you and I, and I love you for that."

    31st July, 2010

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