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    Rapport by Eden Classics

    Well I never expected to find this fragrance on Basenotes! I bought this at my local chemist in the late 80's early 90's thinking it was a far more sophisticated option than the Lynx or Slazenger Sport underarm deodorants that my friends wore. I had also progressed onto this from Brut which I would splash on after swimming class at primary school! I remember I actually liked the smell of Rapport and recieved compliments when wearing it. Until recently I could vaguely recall the scent but funnily enough it wasn't until I discovered and tried Antaeus through Basenotes, that the first thing I thought of was that Rapport must have somehow been a poor imitation of Antaeus, such was the apparent similarity. I do love Anteaus but was too young to appreciate or afford such a fragrance back then, but part of me wonders if this is because I liked Rapport. I don't suppose they are similar at all and I won't be rushing out to test Rapport again, but some note within Antaeus transported me back to my days of spraying on Rapport and feeling like a man. Thankfully I now have Antaeus, among others, to do this.

    06th July, 2009

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