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    Black XS by Paco Rabanne

    In the beginning, it's fruits, spices and fresh mint, mixed on top of the original XS, or at least something quite similar to it. This two worlds don't seem to coexist in natural harmony and for me it's more like I layered two different perfumes one on top of the other and can still recognize each of them. One is playful, original and surprising, the other is boring and typical masculine 90's. That could be an interesting statement, too.
    However, on my skin, the mint goes away in 20 minutes. Pity.
    Still some darker character is revealed, close to the image of the bottle with its black rose. Fruits and spices dominate for a while and evoke mistery. Half an hour later, fruits are somehow gone or at least the playfulness, mistery and emotion that they give. Pity.
    Then eventually everything else that was original in this pyramid goes in the shadows already and starts to support this typically "modern" designer masculine scent, so close to the original XS that it smells a little outdated. Maybe it was the success of XS in its time which made scents like this "typical".. anyway, it was a pity to lose such a promising start. Maybe it's just my skin, maybe I have just smelled too much Paco Rabanne in my life, so I pay too much attention to the similarities and neglect the original part.
    Nevertheless, I'm sure for fans of XS it'll still be a pleasant surprise and a nice upgrade.

    15th September, 2009

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