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    8 88 by Comme des Garçons

    For me, saffron has never been a spectacular note which has much to say by its own; more of a humble, timid player, a little uncomfortable because of its cuisine relations, and behaving more like a taste than a smell in many occasions.
    And here it is, exposed, forced to be as loud and shiny as it gets. Geranium helps a lot in brightening its thick, dense quality, making it almost fresh and transparent in the beginning. Then an oriental mixture of amber, vanilla and maybe patchouli makes it warmer and really beautiful.
    Saffron is present from the beginning till end. But it's the notes that support it that hold my interest. In the end, 8 88 is a somehow tweaked oriental scent. Yet it has less presence than most orientals; it's a kind, humble friend who, although gaining attention, feels more comfort to stay in the shadow.

    13th July, 2010

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