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    Infusion d'Homme by Prada

    Wasn't too sure about this at first, very different from the fragrances i'm used to. It is a very soapy smell and reminds me of "imperial leather" soap but a lot more refined and elegant. I have come to appreciate this more over time and enjoy wearing it. More suitable for work rather than a night out as it doesn't really draw attention but is very clean smelling, inoffensive with amazing longevity and just as you think the scent has faded it has a strange way of waking up again for another round.

    Had a change of heart with this one, it is as i said above "refined, clean smelling, inoffensive with amazing longevity" but also very very boring after a while.
    After a few hours i want to remove it so i can smell something exciting again.
    Its not that its a bad scent or poorly made but i now find it very one dimensional.
    Thumbs Up is now a Neutral for me.

    19th May, 2009 (Last Edited: 14th March, 2010)

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