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    Eau de Rochas by Rochas

    Eau De Rochas is a beautiful summery scent. Initially, when I sprayed it on the first 2 times, I didn't like it as the patchouli was too strong. When I continue to use the scent once or twice a week, the patchouli doesn;'t come across so strongly anymore. I see the rich harmonising of the citrus with the patchouli. Eau De Rochas is richer than O' de Lancome which is another scent I wear. I start to like Eau de Rochas more than O'de Lancome. Also, Eau De Rochas is nicer than Eau Sauvage, another scent I wear. Eau Sauvage has a 'male' drydown - it is a masculine scent. I live in the tropics and I wear

    Eau de Rochas at least once a week to work. It has great longevity and lasts more than 8 hours. Also, I managed to get it cheap at one of the stores I frequent...imagine 100 ml tester for only US$8. So, I have stocked up on this...such a great buy! :-))

    11th September, 2009

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