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    OS Signature by Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

    This has been remarkably hard for me to track down in my area, which that made me rather hastily snag it when I happened uppon it in a CVS pharmacy on the richer side of town. I'm rather sorry I did.

    I have a cursed skin chemistry, it seems, as any and all fragrances that might break down into unpleasant smells always do for me. This one took longer than most, maybe half an hour, before degrading into a burning ziploc bag...

    The problem is that it doesn't smell to me anything like what the above pyramid describes. After the (rather uninteresting, but not unpleasant) blast of random florals I got a very interesting combination of CURRY SPICES. Not pine, ceadarwood, musk, but instead a very distinct corriander, cumin, and the like. If that's what it was meant to smell like, then bravo - very dry, dusty, and delightfully odd.

    26th July, 2009

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