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    Sandringham by Crown Perfumery

    As is often the case with fragrances with strong wood notes, I donít pick up any opening citrus except that thereís a fresh sharpness to the pine in the opening accord that most likely is attributable to citrus notes. The opening I perceive is a unique wood / lavender accord: Unique in the sense that it is not at all mass market or plebian: It has a blue-blooded air about it. It, in fact, is as snobbish in its use of wood, moss, and lavender as Penhaliganís Blenheim Bouquet is in BBís use of citrus, lavender, and pine. This wood / moss accord in Sandringham is not what I would call refined or sophisticated ó itís more rustic and demanding. Itís a unique accord that obliges respect while it flaunts attitude ó a self-assured panache incorporated into a potent streak of well-rehearsed aloofness. Of course these attitude notes have a certain country elegance about them, but there is more attitude than style. Sandringham is fairly linear and there is basically only one wood / moss accord and that particular accord accomplishes everything. It is as tenacious as it is as imposing. There is no letup for hours ó except for the gradual reduction of its swagger as time goes by. Woods are my favorite category of fragrance, but Sandringham is so much more than an excellent wood scent: It is an arch-alpha male personality. (Edit of 24 April 2007 review.)

    16th June, 2009

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