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    Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

    Upon first spray Lovely smells more woody and herbal than you might guess looking at the beautiful pink packaging it comes in. The top notes create a fresh, slightly spicy scent and there is very little sweetness in the top layer. However, it doesn't take long for the citrus notes to fade and for the woods to really show through. Cedar and Patchouli offer a light warmth to Lovely, while Amber and Musk in the base notes create a 'powdery' scent which I find to be very comforting.

    Lovely is beautiful and easy to wear, while it's not an overly complex or striking scent it's perfect for daytime or quiet nights spent cuddling on the couch. It stays fairly close to the skin and the musky notes cling for a few hours. I don't find it's a perfume that others will comment on but it's one that makes me feel warm, safe and happy. I also think that Lovely has a timeless quality about it, there is a slightly old word gracefulness about it yet Lovely doesn't smell dated - it is a fragrance that will surpass trends. For a celebrity fragrance, a genre which can garner much cynicism and criticism, I think it holds it's own very well.

    15th January, 2010

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