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    Le Feu D'Issey by Issey Miyake

    I wanted so much to like this fragrance after reading reviews here. I have a lot of respect for Asha's and Somerville Metro Man's views. And vic2007, odd is a kind word for how this one strikes me. Alas for me, the putrid phase never passed. I've tried it several times now, and on my skin, this scent sends out pickled peppers, then Vick's cough drops. From there, I get something vaguely interesting like blackberry jam but also plastic or mimeograph fluid. Only readers of a certain age will recognize the latter reference. ;-) Using up the last bit of my Issey sample vial, I sprayed my left arm with it. On my right arm, L'Artisan Perfumuer's Piment Brulant. I mean, if it's pepper you want, that's the one to try. One and a half hours later, the Issey is wafting something like the cough drop with a little vanilla, maybe some rose, and something I cannot identify but don't like. The Piment Brulant is still sending out the chili pepper vibe, along with something less sweet than Le Feu. Admittedly, I am not a very sophisticated or experienced sniffer--give me some time. I understand that Le Feu D'Issey is currently discontinued. This does not break my heart. Now I have to go scrub my left arm. I will, however, look into trying other creations by Issey Miyake.

    18th October, 2009

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