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    Donna Karan Gold by Donna Karan

    I understand that mention of cucumber - Donna Karan Gold, upon initial application to my wrists, has a cucumbery or vegetable squash-like aspect just at the start for a few seconds only. Typically, thereafter all is voluptuously creamy florals and heavenly decadence wafting from my wrists.

    However, today, in the interests of finding out whether this unexpected aspect would occur or perhaps last longer if I applied Gold elsewhere, I spritzed the throat/cleavage area two times and - lo and behold! - a more cucumbery and then a gentle "just-finished freshly discarded juicy pear-core or apple-core" smell was apparent amidst the usual loveliness. (Can't express it any better, I'm afraid!) Again, I didn't find it off-putting but I hadn't encountered it before. This fruit-core scent is lasting with the scent. It has never been apparent during my usual wrists-only applications.

    My wrists smell wholly different to my throat/cleavage using the same scent!

    So did the others who found these unusual and unexpected vegetative or fruity scents use Gold on the throat, wrists, both, or elsewhere? (Well, I'm intrigued now ...)

    02nd November, 2010

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