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    The Smell of Weather Turning by Gorilla Perfume

    I tried this on its own and it made me think of BNTBTBB Breath of God and Superworldunknown, so I tried it again on my wrists with Breath of God in the crook of one arm and Superworldunknown in the crook of the other.

    Naturally the initial smokiness of BoG chimed with the gentle smokiness of The Smell of Weather Turning but the mint of TSoWT sang out clearly throughout: each scent differed and I couldn't figure out why the new one had prompted thoughts of the earlier scents. I'll have to try it again and keep trying.

    I didn't get the idea of the weather turning, sadly, but that might come in time. It is great to find compelling and challenging scents readily available at pretty modest prices, by which I mean scents that don't give up all their secrets at the first test.

    (In my group test, Breath of God was the most compelling of the three. It really has rewarded patience and is definitely worth trying - in a small area with a small amount - and allowing time for it to change and change and change again on your skin. Irresistible.)

    04th October, 2010

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