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    Tubereuse 1 Capricieuse by Histoires de Parfums

    Capriceuse or 'capricious', suggesting impulsiveness, an element of unpredictability. I am not all that surprised to find a doughy note of iris greeting my nose right from the first whiff; the iris accord is indeed quite a popular scent partner. The tuberose blooms soon after - slightly indolic but far from heady, with ylang-ylang adding just the right touch of softness. I do wish the tuberose is a little richer but thatís probably just a tuberose fan talking.

    As the scent develops I catch a hint of suede but it remains firmly in the backseat and avoids driving this into yet another floral suede territory. Iím not very familiar with the saffron note so I cannot confirm if the tiny spice note I detect up close is indeed saffron. The cocoa too comes up only as a smidgen late in the drydown.

    In the end what I smell here mostly is a refined blend of tuberose and iris over soft suede, with the selection of iris to partner the tuberose somewhat inspired for it brings out the texture well. Capricious only in its gender appeal, I find Capricieuse beguilingly seductive for its sillage invites the nose to nuzzle right up to the skin of the wearer.

    Notes: tuberose, iris, bergamot, saffron, ylang-ylang, cocoa, suede

    01st October, 2010

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