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    Bandit by Robert Piguet

    Whew!!! What a lovely mess this is. I actually got this really cheap in the 3.4 ounce EDP (with the certificate of authenticity sticker on the wrapper) from someone who couldn't stand it. I am now the proud owner of EIGHT large bottles, enough to keep me happy for about ten years, lol.

    OK, so this is bold! One spray please, no more. I also recommend spraying it on your belly button. If you spray your neck, you will surely suffocate yourself.

    This is full on B**CH. It is noxious, and rude, and speaks loudly of, "Go ahead....I know you want to tell me I reek, but you just cannot do so, because you know you cannot get enough." I smell leather and tar. Also, strangely, I get scents of some sort of sweet cola smell. My husband is a roofer, and I swear I smell asphalt and tar mixed with the leather. The flowers are there somewhere, but they have been thrown on the ground and stomped on.

    This is not a scent for a child with pigtails and lip gloss. This is for the woman in the black fur coat who can pump a full clip into someone, then dump the body off the pier, all in broad daylight.

    Instantly, upon first spray, I feel total confidence. I am climbing the corporate ladder, stepping on the heads of those below me. No one will mess with me...think twice....if I smell this rude and truly adore it, I don't think you have the confidence in you to tell me otherwise...or else...................Bang!

    I know there were many reformulations of this. The Robert Piguet website does NOT list an EDT for sale. I think this might have been from whan Adrienne Arpel took over the scent, and I don't think it is quite so good. In 1999, the scent was taken back and reformulated once again, bringing it closer to the original. Go with the EDP, not the EDT. And give it a chance. Maybe spray your clothing about an hour before you put them on?

    I turn heads left and right when I wear this. The scents of today are so "pleasing" that they become somewhat boring. Bandit stands out in the crowd. Also, I highly recommend giving Youth Dew a try. An old scent, but a powerhouse as well, and not looking to please anyone.

    20th August, 2009

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