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    Obsession Night by Calvin Klein

    I must say, I discovered this one by mistake. I had gone to Marshalls the day before, and seen Secret Obsession by CK, and intended to buy it. I had also planned on picking up Gucci by Gucci. When I went back today, I sprayed the Secret Obsession, and came to hate it with a passion. Then, I found the Gucci was in the EDT, not the EDP as I had thought. Bummed out, I saw this, and remembered looking it up on Basenotes earlier. Hey, it was so cheap, I figured I'd give it a shot.
    Well, I got it home, sprayed it, and UGH, thought I made a huge mistake. I was overwhelmed with citrus and lemons. Considering I had sprayed it, and would have to see it through until I showered, I went to work. Well I'll be darned! This scent changed in about a half hour, and I could detect a faint smell of lemons, but more so, a vanilla and wood smell. How neat! I found it a weird smell, but somehow unique, not icky. Sort of sweet, sort of creamy.
    So now, I am in the process of still testing this one out. I seem to like it, plus the bottle is heavenly. If all goes well between us, I will be stocking up on five more bottles of this juice. Sadly, it is only 20 dollars for a 3.4 ounce bottle, and I think it is not going to last in the CK line. I don't even recall ever seeing it in the department stores. Maybe it was "released" straight to the discount stores....sort of like a movie being released straight to DVD, lol? So buy up while you can if you like this. I think it will be great in the winter months.

    22nd September, 2009

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