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    Jivago 24k Men by Jivago

    An aromatic fougere that opens a little too strongly as far as I’m concerned. That very first blast is too artificial for me, but it does lose its plastic aggressiveness very quickly and settles down to a fully sniffable green fougere opening. The aromatic label is well-deserved and the airiness contributes nicely to the ambiance of the fragrance. I believe there might be a little lavender in the opening that provides just the right touch of richness to the opening freshness. The “spices” are on the herbal end of the spice scale and they accent the fougereness of 24K. It is a rich fougere scent and the name is appropriate. There is no distinct heart accord so the top / heart forms one quite long lasting accord. When the base appears it shows itself as a light skin hugging sandalwood / vetiver / sweet accord that is very nice but which should deliver a much stronger presence for a longer period of time. Jivago 24K is a pleasant, rather rich fougere that has few flaws, but it is ultimately non-challenging and it just doesn’t rise above a 6 on a scale of 10. The liquid in the bottle contains gold flecks and about the only thing they accomplish for me is the uneasy feeling that they are going to plug up the spray mechanism.

    31st August, 2008

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