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    Jovan Musk by Jovan

    always have loved jovan musk for matter how many other expensive colognes i've tried in the past, jovan always, and i mean always, gets the most compliments from women...they honestly go bananas , i don't know if it's my chemistry mixing with it or what but it literally makes them weak in the knees ...i have one problem however, and it's a big one..i don't know what new stuff you've put in or taken out of the cologne in the last few years or so, but it used to last all day and even into the next day which was just a matter of fact as it wore off a tad it even smelled better because it wasn't too strong but just no longer lasts anymore...i swear it only works for 10 minutes now and i don't know why....please go back to the old formula because now it's just stupid to buy since it won't smells exactly the same, but it just wears off in 10 minutes. there's absolutely no trace of it after that...i have to thumbs down until you guys fix it. when it's like it was i wouldn't even come close to buying another cologne, but now i won't buy jovan anymore at all...please fix've ruined such a great scent.

    28th July, 2009

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