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    Gris Clair by Serge Lutens

    One of my earliest memories was of my gran giving me little lavender pillows to put inside drawers to keep my clothes smelling fresh. As a little girl, I loved the relaxing scent of it. As I got older, my elderly relatives kept buying me lavender scented soaps which were all vile. Soon, I began to hate the stuff. I recently overcame my hatred and tried Gris Clair. I fell in love with it immediately - I love the cool lavender opening and the smokiness. It reminds me of being in my parents' garden plucking fresh lavender in the summer, yet also makes me think of crisp winter's days, especially the smokiness of Bonfire Night. I find Gris Clair soothing in the way that most lavender-scented products are, yet this is a realistic portrayal of freshly crushed lavender. I love its coolness and the almost-metallic note. It is a slightly more masculine scent, but I adore wearing it and find it oddly comforting.

    10th December, 2009

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