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    Lalique pour Homme Equus by Lalique

    Every time I read the reviews of this fragrance or that, I have learned to expect a broad spectrum of differing opinions. In that respect, Equus doesn't disappoint! Some describe it as bold and spicy, some as mild. Some describe towering longevity, while others complain of its brief lifespan. I have come to the conclusion that either our noses are not all constructed equally, or that perhaps the scents themselves are changing over time (old stock?), or that the manufacturing of some colognes is precise. Or maybe the formula gets "tweaked" occasionally. Who knows, but If a lesson is to be learned, it is that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Heed the wise advice from some of our esteemed fellow basenoters: try before you buy!

    Now -- here is my own experience with Lalique pour Homme Equus. It is simply a beautiful, soft fragrance - not too spicy - lovely marriage between cedar notes and musk - and extremely shy. Sillage is off the low end of the chart, weak enough to be nearly nonexistent. Longevity is hard to judge because the sillage is so weak. (If I can't smell it, how can I judge the lifespan?). For that reason and that alone, I'm giving this a neutral rating. Wonderful smell, but very weak.

    10th June, 2010

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