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    Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

    I had read about it here on Basenotes and found it at an old department store about a year ago, where the clerk said there were regular customers who would come in for it. From the reviews here, I expected it to be quite a controversial fragrance. Upon smelling it, I immediately had memories of an uncle from Paris who would visit my family in Canada from time to time, rather an old pervert, if I'm not mistaken, and I mean that in a good way. I'm pretty sure he wore it. As he was, Kouros is unique and maybe a bit eccentric. At first I found it almost too strong. It has a very powerful solvent note, something boldly camphorous like turpentine or permanent marker or yes, urinal cakes. I was cautious, and thought I wouldn't be able to wear it. Once it's on, like some of the best experiences, there's really no going back. Underneath the first blast, there is so much more. It becomes a banquet of spice and sweetness and mystery and through it all the animal note so many complain of which I can't get enough of. For me it symbolizes the difference between North America and Europe, squatting as it does in a dirty Parisian toilet perhaps. It conjures up the difference between real cheese and American processed cheese, between people who don't take a shower after sex and people who can't continue their day without one, between a shopping mall in Salt Lake City and a kasbah in Tunis. Sure it stinks, that's what we do, we're animals. It touches the very dichotomy inherent in wearing perfume to cover our socially unacceptable body odours. I for one prefer unshaved armpits that smell like a human being to waxed ones hidden under aluminum salts that smell like "the great outdoors" and taste bad, to boot. That's why I like Kouros. I'll leave the clean chemical marines that smell like hand sanitizer to the mall rats.

    01st October, 2010

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