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    Acqua Colonia Melissa & Verbena by 4711

    Sharp,deeply penetrating limonene from both melissa and yellow lemon let you think back of "eau de rochas homme" ans "eau sauvage" and probably many other oldtimers on the same theme of "lemon-all-the way".The main subject of kölnisch wasser is put very far back to become almost unimportant.Verbena though....hmmm..yes,verbena here is pretty well "camouflaged" and certainly in the opening where melissa is thinly slicing your nose with all that limonene. But really remarkable is the last stadium of that fragrance when everything has settled down and that very well known baby-powder(or some other baby product , mostly soap though)smell develops which is not bad in terms of general presentation but still makes you wish for some more handsomness to it rather than infantility.I guess that's when you finally meet the verbena but still very dominant melissa.As more it settles the more soapy "baby-lotion"-like it becomes.I guess it should be called "Acqua Melissa & a little bit Verbena at the end".

    12th November, 2009

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