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    Jaguar Woman by Jaguar

    I'd been searching for a new fragrance, and in particular I wanted something that nobody else really wore. I found it in Jaguar Woman. (It helped that I got it with a promotion that gave me a free umbrella with the purchase!) The fragrance starts out nicely enough; nothing too outstanding, and the middle notes cling for a little longer. However, the base notes are what really enchant me. The white musk, amber and sandalwood really blend to make a smooth, rich fragrance that's somehow light, and clean, too. I only wish that it was slightly easier to find (very, very difficult), and that it put off more of a sillage, especially once the base notes really develop. It stays pretty close to the skin, in my opinion, and once the base notes fully develop, they fade a little too quickly for my preference. But when I'm wearing it, I can't help but keep sniffing at my wrist or elbow, and it's the only perfume I've ever worn that received a compliment from anyone other than my husband.

    10th September, 2009

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