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    Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

    a couple words come to mind with this one. . physically and morally repugnant. I had the displeasure of trying this today at kohls with high expectations. Just the name sounded epic, and the bottle, and the fact it was a designer scent made me eager to spray it on. Man, it just might be on the list top 10 of things i should not have done. Literally thee most disgusting and disturbing thing i have ever smelled. Now onto the scent, I think basenotes got the ingredients wrong, it goes something like:

    Top Notes: Rubbing alcohol

    Middle Notes: Old man musk/Preservative

    Base Notes: Bengay

    Yep if you're looking for a smell that will please the 80+ crowd, by all means get a hold of this stuff, but if you like to smell good, or even have any self respect, you will stay away from this. It smells like embalming fluid X_X

    Thumbs waaaaaaaaaaay down.

    22nd September, 2009

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