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    Infusion d'Homme by Prada

    UPDATE: I would like to add this observation to my original review: Prada's Infusion d'Homme is the best fragrance I have ever found to use as an adjunct to Sandalwood Colognes. Because fine sandalwood trees from India are in very short supply, many sandalwood based fragrances are suffering from some type of emergency re-formulation. Prada's Infusion d'Homme is a very high quality Iris cologne which works wonders on all scents which depend on sandalwood. It does astonishingly good things to Caswell Massey's relatively undistinguished Sandalwood Cologne. Prada's Infusion also elevates Arden for Men's heavily lavender & rough sandalwood concoction, sweetening and enriching that cologne's nature in mysterious ways.

    My original review from December 2009 remains unchanged:

    A very soft, floral, orris root fragrance that reveals as an unusual and subtle sandalwood over its dry down. This is a gentle scent that requires patience to come to appreciate.

    It seems more an after shower fragrance to enjoy by yourself than a social fragrance to signal others, at least in most social circumstances. It does not project. It is most interesting after it has begun to dry down close to the skin.

    It is a fragrance for very intimate moments with another person whose face comes close to your skin.

    The iris root note is gentle, quiet, not abrasively cool, and registers as a complex but very low volume sandalwood chord with floral over tones.

    I find that Prada's Infusion d'Homme lasts much longer than more traditional eau de colognes like those citrus and orange classics offered by Hermes. In some ways this "Infusion" is a completely different take on an evanescent, close to the skin, toilet water that is not designed to project, at least not very far.

    Given the right complimentary fragrances, I think this would be an interesting scent to layer with other colognes, particularly those that have abrasive, or rough edges, or rather uncomplicated or simple natures.

    I understand why some reviewers dismiss this creation. Except for the subtlety of its complexity, it first impresses as a subdued, minimalist scent. If it is "soapy" it is soapy in the same clean afterglow that Mugler Cologne is soapy. I use both of these fragrances as after shower splashes; not necessarily together, but that works, too.

    There are myriad crisp, citrus, and vetiver grass toilet water splashes available for men. Prada has invented a soft, wood toned floral toilet water splash for men who enjoy something more complex, subdued, and subtle. Infusion d'Homme is a pleasant, quiet alternative to traditional eau de toilets. If you are not seeking to attract a new lover, this is a new fragrance that in intimate moments your old lover will find attractive.

    Read more:

    To my nose orris and sandalwood share certain blossom and wood reverberrations, and the Prada Infusion is made of quality ingredients which add luster to more mudane recipes. Prade Infusion d'Homme is lovely to layer with almost any fragrance, but it is magical with sandalwoods of any qualiry.

    13th December, 2009 (Last Edited: 05th September, 2010)

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