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    Silver Black / Onyx by Azzaro

    This smells exactly like Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme and/or La Nuit de L'Homme, minus the spicy, mysterious, sexy, and more expensive/well-crafted vibe. Which is to say, pretty darn good for a nice, cheap bottle. Kind of like a steak at Norm's or Denny's compared to a good old-fashioned steakhouse (not Ruth's Chris or Las Vegas' Nine, mind you -- I'm not saying YSL L'Homme is the be all end all -- just that Azzaro Onyx smells somewhat like it in a cheaper way).

    Overall, it smells good, but it could smell better. In fact, Azzaro Onyx finally schooled me on why the snobs on this site so utterly detest L'Homme -- it dries down to a very generic "vanilla" base that does smell good, but seems, after you've tried different scents, to be somewhat boring. It's odd why something that smells good -- vanilla! -- should be so very bland and dull in the end. I guess that's the definition of vanilla! Perhaps Azzaro Onyx and YSL L'Homme are merely stepping stones on to something better and more interesting. Still -- not bad for what it is! Save your bucks and buy this instead of YSL L'Homme.

    18th October, 2009

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