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    Odeur 71 by Comme des Garçons

    This review is based on a couple of wearings from a sample, a fact that I feel I have to mention right off the bat because I'm afraid I just don't "get" this scent. The descriptions I see here and on other fragrance review boards are hard to reconcile with what I'm actually smelling.

    I don't get any burned rubber, rack-and-pinion assemblies, giant robots, atmospheric molecular essences, moon landers, etc. out of this. To me it smells like 1) soap, and 2) a sort of geometric average of many other fragrances, kind of like the residual generic perfumey smell of a department store fragrance counter. The closest I can come to anyone else on this is that it does indeed smell something like a freshly printed glossy brochure. Had I not read the marketing materials and commentary, I would never in a million years have guessed that this fragrance would be considered outrageous or innovative.

    It does succeed pretty well at avoiding any overtly identifiable accords. Evidently, this creates something of a Rorschach-like void into which perfumistas can project their own random synaptic activity. :-)

    From a technical perspective, it's actually pretty good. It has just the right amount of sillage/projection. It's present enough for you to enjoy and to give out hints to people around you, but it's unlikely to offend anyone. It does smell pleasant, although it's hard to imagine anyone craving this scent (but I guess there are quite a few of you out there!).

    Odeur 71 continues to pique my curiosity, so I will continue trying it. We'll see if it grows on me.

    11th November, 2009

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