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    Vetiver Extreme by Guerlain

    I'm grading on a curve, here -- this isn't bad, but it's my least favorite vetiver so far (compared with Encre Noir, Sel de Vetiver, Grey Vetiver, Fat Electrician, and various other vetiver-heavy fragrances).

    Vetiver Extreme starts out with the same rooty vetiver of Encre Noir, along with a blast of pepper and lemon that don't hang around for too long. It's a bit dirtier than Encre Noir, not in an animalic sense, but in the sense of smelling more like actual dirt - like vetiver roots unearthed from the damp soil under a big rock.

    Unfortunately, the scent remains grassy and vegetal rather than blooming into a sweeter phase as most vetivers seem to do. The drydown is really not too different from the heart notes, though it heads in the general direction of boiled Eastern European vegetable roots. Longevity was just a few hours on my skin.

    Everything I like about this fragrance is already in Encre Noir, along with other delights that don't make an appearance here. And Encre Noir is about 25% of VE's price.

    17th January, 2010

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