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    Hermèssence Osmanthe Yunnan by Hermès

    At first sniff this is a beautiful fragrance and on smelling it I know exactly what Ellena means by a skin perfume. I also think I know what he means by a perfume that becomes a part of you rather than one that you wear. However that's not what I want and the logic might equally apply to my buying myself a beautiful designer outfit - and only wearing it in the privacy of my own home.

    There is balance in all things. At one end of the spectrum there are beautiful (but rather too discrete) beauties like this, at the other fabulous fortissimo creations like Poison but I think that there will be relatively few people who will want to be either so loud or so quiet in the perfumes they choose to wear - I certainly want to be able to enjoy my fragrances and this is so vanishingly quiet that two minutes after I've sprayed it it has practically disappeared. It makes me think of those clever individuals who create beautiful sculptures out if a grain of rice, it's amazingly clever but I think I'm missing the point, and at about £150 a bottle (I bought it quite a long time ago and can't remember exactly how much it cost) I want something that lasts.

    I can't give it a thumbs-down as it really is a beautiful fragrance but the only way to enjoy it is to spray it on every ten minutes because that's as long as it lasts.

    18th July, 2010

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