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    Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

    One of the best aquatics available, and right at the top among designer aquatics, as far as Im concerned. Bvlgari has managed to present the sharp aquatic and sea accords with a minimum of synthetic feel. I find the opening cleanliness slightly citric, slightly ozonic refreshing, and, as opposed to almost all other aquatics, I haven't got bored with this opening after wearing it two years. The middle sea notes provide more of an echo of, rather than an actual sea air accord because it features a masculine white floral note. I find it quite relaxing and even contemplative at times. The drydown is quite Bvlgari a soft but rich wood and a delicate, spicy mineral amber that, as others have mentioned, go quite powdery. As with many other reviewers, aquatics are not my favorite category; I own several of them and, except for Erolfa and Bvlgari Aqva, I just do not wear them.

    What keeps me coming back to Bvlgari Aqva, is that it initially forms such a quiet aura of marine cleanliness around me, and ends up with a long-lasting, pleasant wood base which still retains that tiny hint of the sea. It's unique in the world of aquatic fragrances, and it is such an easy fragrance to enjoy and to live with. (Edit of 14 May 2008 review.)

    04th December, 2006 (Last Edited: 06th October, 2010)

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