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    Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani

    My all-time favorite. I love it even though it stays very close to the skin and you would have to bathe in it to radiate it to the all round you. On the other hand, this is its strength. It just is very hard to overuse it. I am usuallly very picky and for the last few years of conscious perfume choosing have found only 2 fragrances very appealing to me and not causing nausea, irritation or vomit reaction wearing them more than an hour. The best of the best has always been Mania, second best Allure Sport but still way worse than Mania.
    Mania attracts women, smells mysterious, masculine and sophisticated in a nonimposing way (especially drydown which I love). The only flaws - sillage and the price (but still twice as cheap as hideously boring, generic, nonevolving and way overpriced Fierce by A&F). In Mania I can detect all the notes of which amber and musk are spectacular. To some people it smells cheap but I can notice its refined high quality ingredients. Very pleasant.

    28th October, 2009

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