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    Coriandre by Jean Couturier

    I have been a fan of Coriandre since 1984. Purchased my first bottle at Gidding Jenny. Over the years it has been missing in action and one day about 10 years ago Marshall's started carrying it. I was amazed, it was still the same soft, beautiful, green fragrance I had remebered from years past. However, I purchased a bottled a little over a year ago because I could no longer find it at Marshall's and to my chagrin, it was not the same soft notes, it has a bit of a bite to it and can be overwhelming at times. I noticed it almost immediately. I figured it was a old bottle. I then happened upon an article about the fragrance and low and behold it told the story of the sale of and the change of the the world's most perfect fragrance. (for me anyway). I was saddened to hear this. The soft green, woody fragrance had been changed. How devastating is that? Anyway, I use it sparingly and had a lotion from the purchase before and have been holding on to the last little bit because it is the original notes that I so loved.

    18th November, 2009

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