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    A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

    The beginning is rough - I'm talking draw-blood rough. It's best to sit this one until it begins to dry down, as it's just not tolerable at the start.Then, the middle notes come out and shine - if you don't mind the tar, you'll find it an interesting accord to a cologne like this. The drydown is truly wonderful to me, it's just a sweet, smooth scent that lasts for years. I've seen two sprays go nearly a full day, now that's longevity! Provided you didn't overdo it, those two sprays can be your own personal slice of paradise, as well... I don't find it too enjoyable on paper, but on the skin, it's different. I don't know how many have been turned away from a disappointing paper-scent, but it's unfortunate. Many males I know and see don't like this fragrance - they find it too sweet, or too feminine, or too... whatever? I have yet, however, to find a lady that doesn't like this on a person. I must say, wonderful scent, great longevity, great projection. Thumbs-up, without a doubt!

    10th June, 2010

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