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    Sandalwood by Floris

    I imagine that Floris loses a lot of sales on this because people who are testing this EdT might take a sniff of it and immediately dismiss it because they canít smell anything. I smell nothing in this when I first apply it. A half hour later thereís a bit of oily wood there that I still canít really identify as sandalwoodóitís quite unspectacular. As time goes on, the sandalwood gathers more and more presence, but it never seems to reach what I would call a complete EDT demeanor. What it does end up as, is a rich but understated, natural sandalwood fragrance that forms a compact and soft aura over the skin. It is minimal and unadorned, and I imagine that it is about as pure of sandalwood as exists in perfumeryóbut I donít know that as a fact.

    Floris Sandalwood is an unpresumptuous sandalwood scentóremaining reticent and close to the skin, it is unamplified and uncomplemented by the usual citrus or cedar. I very much like its Zen-like purity. And even though it is now about ninth on my list of favorite sandalwood fragrances, Iím going to buy it because I feel strongly that itís the kind of scent that will continue to grow in my estimation as I become more acquainted with it.

    04th December, 2006

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