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    Bois et Fruits by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    A compilation by Sheldrake of a couple of his other creationsÖ Yes, it does remind me of Feminite du Bois and a little of Arabie. Itís quieter and softer than Feminite du Bois. Itís not as radical as either, but, reminiscent or not, it does have its own character as well as the character of a Lutenís fragrance. Bois Et Fruits is fruity, but not the fresh, juicy fruity... rather the dried fruits of Arabie. Itís woods stand out more than in both of its Sheldrake progenitors. The top and middle notes are primarily a dried fruity presentation similar to Arabie but without the abundant spices or the abundant abundance. The woodnotes are smooth and rich but for a long time remain in the background of the fruit accord. When the cedar does come forward, it is quite diminutive, and the end is near. I find Bois Et Fruits a highly enjoyable scent while it lasts, but it is way too short on longevity on my skinÖ Too bad for its poor longevity, it would have been a sure purchase if it had lasted longer on my skin.

    01st February, 2010

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